Managing Director

Mark initially trained to be a Geologist which fuelled his passion for the outdoors. His enthusiasm for rock climbing and mountaineering has taken him all over the world, from climbing our Jurassic coastline to expeditions to the glaciers of Greenland. Now with a passion for bee keeping, it’s easy for him to see the effects our industries are having on our delicately balanced ecosystems. This amalgamation of interests has created a deep desire to contribute positively to the planet that we inhabit.



Ben and Moby come as a pair, a team in their own right. Ben is a keen snowboarder, recently returning from a winter season living in Canada. A country boy at heart, he enjoys the outdoors; camping weekends down to the Jurassic coastline or road trips on his motorbike. There isn’t much convincing necessary for a good adventure.


Coffee and Cuddles

Moby is a loveable beast! He enjoys playing with his friend Stanley because it’s the only dog he doesn’t squash. He dreams of life on the Serengeti and enjoys watching the lion prides on the ‘Discovery’ channel. His observation is that the alpha lion doesn’t do much work, and this suits him well!


Landscape designer/General Builder

Steve’s background has been in landscape gardening and enjoys it like a hobby. He is a brilliant artist, specially enjoying sketching portrait. He is learning Spanish at present and has found a love for languages.


Project Manager/Carpenter

Callum has taken his outdoor enthusiasm into extensive travel, from the dense jungles of Central America to the icy peaks of the Himalayas. With an innate drive for creativity, Callum is a practising artist, photographer and videographer. Interior design has provided him with this creative outlet within the construction industry and now uses his passion for impact and aesthetic to help our clients.


General Builder

Jamie is fantastically creative and constantly developing business ideas. His enthusiasm for entrepreneurship will take him far. With a young boy, he enjoys all that the Kent lifestyle generates; country walks, pub lunches and sunny park vibes.