Using bricks and mortar has been a great way to use local materials to build durable homes and buildings for centuries. However, the CO2 embedded in many building materials, and also in their production and transportation has contributed towards problems with our climate. As designers, builders and clients, we need to come together to reduce our impact on the climate.

Now driven by a desire to reform, we have a 5 year goal to move Inside Out Construction Ltd exclusively into sustainable construction in the competitive residential market and it is our aim to make it more accessible.

There are three main variables when it comes to common construction; build quality, build duration and build cost.  It is a truism in construction that you can improve any 2 of these variables at the expense of the third. (For example, you can increase the quality and the speed of a build but it will not improve the cost.)  It is our belief that this can be changed.

We plan to overcome the increased cost of building sustainably with the use of off-site fabrication, much like the commercial sector has done. This not only allows for a higher quality of inspection and thus a better end product, but also reduces the build duration, getting you into your new home faster. 

Off-site fabrication of the structure can start at the same time as our ground team commences with the foundations. This reduction in weather dependency allows the project to progress in poor conditions, while the slicker production reduces the build duration, allowing us to remain competitive within the market.

For more information on sustainable building and the future of Inside Out Construction Ltd, please get in contact.