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Inside out Construction Ltd is a well-established construction firm that has consistently produced high-quality homes in the South East. With 25 years behind us, Inside Out Construction has a wealth of knowledge, covering all areas of residential development. We pride ourselves on our superior attention to detail, innovative design concepts, reliability and professionalism. Our experience has taught us that good communication is essential to collaborative success!

Arcitect and Planning officer talking through house design on construction site

Architect / Planning

With over 25 years experience in the industry, we have built up relationships with trusted professionals that will guide you through the process of the build, from start to finish. Inside Out Construction has an extensive portfolio of versatile projects, from new builds to basement excavation. Our passion is driven by the desire to push the boundaries and venture further.

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A contemporary eco house design with solar panels on the roof


Sustainability has always been at the forefront of our business ethos and knowing that we are doing our part to reduce environment impact is important to us. The global building sector is growing at an unprecedented rate and inevitably will continue to do so. Over the next 40 years, the world is expected to build 230 billion square metres in new construction – adding the equivalent of Paris to the planet every single week.

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Two story extension onto a 19th century house in Crowbrough, Kent


Extending out and forgoing the stresses associated with moving home is an attractive advantage to staying put.

The combination of both extending out and opening up the internal configuration of your living space will truly reinvent the feel of your home. Sky lanterns will illuminate the darkest of corners, bringing light into the heart of your home. Remoulding your living space into an open plan layout is key to creating a more sociable and healthy lifestyle. Weather you have a growing family or simply a desire to modernise, it is our business goal to improve your quality of life and it all starts with the home.

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Carpenter sanding dormer fascia on a new build construction in Tunbridge wells, Kent.

Loft Conversion

With the prices of land and the confinements of city life squeezing us all, it’s not always possible to build outwards; but at Inside Out Construction, we create castles in the sky.

Loft conversions are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to gain more space from your home, while adding value to your property.

Empty attic space can be converted into functional living space with minimal disruption to your home. Installing the staircase last means we can stay out of your living space for the majority of the building process. Velux windows, balconies and dormers work wonders, opening up the loft space and making it one of the most elegant rooms in the house. Considered as Permitted Development, it is likely we will be able to proceed with your loft conversion without the involvement of Planning. Up to 50 cubic meters of additional roof space can be converted today.

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Timber new build house design on architectural drawings

New Build

At Inside Out Construction we strive to build you your vision of perfection, and what better way to do this than starting afresh. Our reputation in the industry and genuine love for innovative creation helps us fabricate some of the best homes in the South-East.

Planning is the only restriction here, but having the right contractors and architects on board will make your vision become a reality. So let’s get out there and create something amazing!

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