New Build




At Inside Out Construction we strive to build you your vision of perfection, and what better way to do this than starting afresh. Our reputation in the industry and genuine love for innovative creation helps us fabricate some of the best homes in the South-East.

Planning is the only restriction here, but having the right contractors and architects on board will make your vision become a reality. So let’s get out there and create something amazing!

New builds offer the opportunity to really let the creative juices carve the moat to your quintessential castle. Constructed to the highest standards using the latest technologies and innovations, your new build won’t just save you money but will provide the most practical and efficient living space, adapted specifically for your family’s specifications. Our meticulous eye for detail and consistent communication throughout the build means that when we step off site, the vision you entrusted us with will be the reality you awaken to. It is this approach to customer satisfaction that takes priority and sits at the forefront of our business goals.

Invest in your land with a studio outhouse. Ideal for Airbnb, it’s an opportunity to add additional income or to pay off your mortgage while living the life you want to live.  Garden cabins allow you to keep your privacy whilst monetising your asset.